Thursday, 23 November 2017


Today for kiwisport we learnt how to do a back hand and a front hand we also learnt how to use a racket.This week our kiwi sport for the tearm was batmtin. What we had to do was we had to learn how to jugle the shuttle.HE also showed us some tricks.We also had a challge we had to see how can juggle the most and longest.The next thing we had to do was practicing hit it to each other.After that we use a diffrent net to play a realy with a parnte

Strategy video

Today for reading we had to do a reading strategy video we had to add some sidles to the lnferring sidle that we did last week how we did this was by knowing what to do and how we did this was by knowing how to do it what l learned was how to do this and know what lnferring is and how it works we had to make a video this week on all of our sidles.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017


free rice

Today l did free rice and got 260 grains of rice it was easy and hard l had fun playing this game.

Jet Ski Addition

Today for my can do l did the Addition Jet Ski game for my can do it was really easy put l came in 3rd places.

Past tense

Today for writing we had to do a past tense and we had to redo them and we had to do fill in the word and we had to use the word to write your own past tense in a sentence and we had to replace the underlined word with the past tense what l learned was that it is easy to do it and what l learned was how to do a past tense when we had to do this was when we finished watching the videos where we did this was in side of the class why l liked this was because l liked how you had to fill in the words and you had to replace the words and write your own past tense how we did this was by knowing how to do it and learning how to do it.                                                  

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Fire fighters

What we first did when we got there was we all sit down and he was talking about Pumps and the pumps that they do and how they cut people from cars and put out fires on big house or on a little house and in the firefights truck they are stores so they can put their tools inside of it and they were pumps and big tools and small tools and if they is something like your favorite toy or your dog inside of the house then don’t go back in and grab it because it can be not good and you will not be able to come back out so wait until the firefighters come.