Friday, 25 May 2018


This week was our Last Session for Pewter Casting. These Photos shows who my teacher for this project was and how it turned out. l really like how it turned out and l made mickey mouse. We took a photo with our  Pewter Casting teacher. l really enjoyed this because we got to do it our self. l made a little sidle show to show what mine turned out like and a photo of us.   

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Body parts of a boar

Today for reading l was working on body parts of a boar. l find facts on what a boar is and labelled where that body parts were. l lined the words up with a pitcher that l add on and pointed it to the pitcher. l added what the adults heights are and some more interesting facts about a boar. This was really fun to do and learn more about boars.

Read theory

Today l checked my ready theory results. l did great but l kept going from four to three and l would keep on getting different answers. l think l could have done better to change my results, by re-reading the text to find the answer.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Facts about a Boar

This week for reading we made facts about a boar if you don't know what a boar is then read my information and you will find out how big it is and other cool facts. l really enjoyed learning about what a boar is and how big they are. l learned different kinds of names for a boar. l added a pitcher of a boar so you guys could see what they look like. 

Friday, 18 May 2018

Tech Reflections

This week l finished my pewter casting. We had to get everything done so next week we could all finish and do our box if we wanted. l was happy how my one turned out and how shinny it is. l really enjoyed learning how to make this and l would like to make one again if l could. This time l would do something differently and make it for some different.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Summer and Winter poem

The sun shines high as l dragged myself out of my bed.
l yawned and grumbled not wanting to wake up as l was gloom.
l heard the trees swish and birds tweet
It was the first day of school and l was slow.

Colors Shine on my plate of eggs as the trees were dancing and swaying side to side
I dragged my bag out the door to catch the bus my first steps into school
l felt the cold winter breeze as the stream of wind came by the cold shivering the kids were
jubilant and laughter.

This week for poetry l have write a poem for walking up for school in the morning on a winter and summer day. First we read a poem for walking up for school in the morning when it rains and when it is sunny. Next we listed the words that we thought that meant sad that would form the poem and then we did the same but for good Juxtaposition means opsite things that make an effect.

Comparing NZ Flags

This week for reading I am learning about Key into Evaluation.I had two activity one was the story and the other was a DLO. The one i have finish was a DLO. For this we were making a DLO showing What is the same and what is the difference we had to tell the difference between the two flags.