Sunday, 8 July 2018

Holidays - Going to Church

Today l went to church l woke up and started to get ready for church. First thing l did was pick out the clothes l was going to wear for church. Then l headed into the shower and brushed my teeth and came out freshen l got changed into the clothes l picked and brushed my hair. After that l put on my shoes and socks and headed down stairs to eat breakfast for breakfast l had toast and a cup of tea .l ate my breakfast and waited for my family to get ready.  Me and my cousin we getting ready for church she was getting ready and going for a shower some of these funny photos show us all ready for church. Then we all went to church and praised god.

Holiday - Going down the line to Te Aroh

Today for the first day of the holidays we were making our way down the line to a place called Te Aroh. This is a country side where there isn't a lot of WiFi connection. l was going with my family there we went there to spend time with each other and have fun. Here are some of the photos l could take while l was down the line in Te Aroh. First we packed our things and put them into the car then we went to the gas station to fill up the car. After that we headed on the road and drove there l took a photo of us on the road and the mountains and before we left l took a photo of me and my cousin getting ready to go. When we were driving we pasted Paeroa and saw the big L&P bottle it took us a while to get there because it was far put when we were driving we saw some cool things. The first thing we did when we got there was go to a hotel to unpack our stuff out of the car then we headed and looked around some of these photo's show what it looked like there. 

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Pros and Cons Lighthouse

This week in LS2 we have been looking at lighthouses. For this task we went into our groups and wrote down somethings that would be great in a lighthouse and what would't be great in a lighthouse. We listed somethings that we thought would be great and that wouldn't be great. l was working with Ofa,Carl,Alex and Joshua we were working collaborated to write down somethings. One of them were the great views and one of our bad one's were that if you would need to go toilet fast you would have to run up the stairs just to get their. This was great because we could write down somethings that we thought that were bad and good about lighthouse. 

Lighthouse For Sale

This week in LS2 we have been looking at different kinds of lighthouse in different countries. We had to find lighthouses for sale online and make adverting posters on them so people could pay them l find this lighthouse in the uk and l added some words so people will know what it is like and l added the price of the lighthouse. l think l made a great adverting posters for people to look at.

ASB Get wise

This week we were learning about saving money. We were put into groups for this l was in group 5 for this we were giving some money and we had to plan out a flight for the first activity we learnt entertainment points by thinking carefully about how you spend your budget of money. In our Groups we all had to play out how we were going to spent the money we were gave. Jaden was talking to us about what our budget and about a credit card. I was Corroborating with Ofa, Fraidon, Tiava,Avalon,Magenta,Jeremiah and Corre for this. We enjoyed doing this because it was helping us with saving our money in the future.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Chicago Sports Teams

This week the task was to work in our groups and create a DLO showing Chicago teams. The other things that we needed to do were write down some interesting facts each team. l chose to do the team White Sox. On this l added a photo of what they were on home base and away base. l then added a image of were there stadium is on a map and added there logo. And three interesting facts.The teams we did were Cubs,White Sox,Bears,Bulls and Black Hawks. Those were the teams we did for this task l worked with Ofa,Joshua,Carl and Alex.   

Matariki Celebration

Today we had our Matariki Celebration we as a school did performance like Pacific did cook island dancing to beats. Kapa haka did Maori songs and the boys did the haka We had a drumming group and Junior,Jona, and Matio was drumming some beats. After that we had our junior kapa haka they were singing there songs and dancing. Last we had our Ukelele me and angela and florence played the song lean on me we had a great performance.