Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Read Theory Progress

I have compared the grade levels l have made throughout the year.
On July for my grade level l got 2 because l just started using the reading program.
On November the grade level that l got was 4 l think l was getting better on this reading
program and l was getting good grades. On February my grade level was 5 l went a
level up from the last month which was November l think l did a great job because
l went up a level.  I think l did a great job because l went from 2, 4 and 5.

Friday, 16 November 2018


This week was book week we read a book by Emily Gravett she was the author of the book called Wolves. This book was about a wolves and a rabbit to know more about this story you can read this book. l created this DLO to tell people about Wolves. l made a table so l could split the Myths and facts. The Myths were for the things l think that wolves did and the facts were the research l did. l added in images to show the author and a image of the book.


This week for Tech we were making squares with diamonds. First we drew 5 by 5 diamonds so we could get our shape we needed then we used that shape to cope on to our colored paper and cute them out so we could get a square. Then we made our squares some people made 6 squares and some made 3 l made three. l think it trued out great because l made it and because l could show off my skills. 

Thursday, 15 November 2018


This week we read a book about Meerkets. We learnt a lot of new things and facts about Meerkats we made DLO to show and tell people about Meerkats. l wrote down some Facts and information about Meerkats and what l find out about Meerkats. l added imagest to show what they looked like. l enjoyed making this because l could tell people about MeerKat and what they do.

Kiwi authors we know? Bar Graph

This week for Book week we made a graph to show how many people in our groups know Kiwi authors. This bar graph shows the Amount of people in my group who knew these authors. Lyndey Dadd has 6 people that knew him in my group. Witi Ihimaera has 7 people that have read his books and knows him as a author. Riehie Mcaw has 5 people that know him as a author. David Hill has 3 people in our group that know him. Joy Cowley has 6 people that know him and last of all Craig Smith has 2 people that have read his books. l enjoyed making this DLO because we could show others and tell others the authors we know. l think that Witi Ihimaera has the most people that have read his books and know him as author.

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

WW1 Amstrice day

This week for Armistice Day me and Angela were working together on this DLO. We first picked our question that we wanted to know about l picked How did doctors cope with disease and Why did they use Mustard Gas. l wrote down all the things l find on google and turn them into my own words so l wasn't saying what they wrote. Then l made a comparison to show the different between WW1 Doctors and Doctors Now. Angela made her own sidles and comparisons about her questions we added in our resources that we used like our websites.  l enjoyed making this because l could learn what l haven't learnt before.

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

What is the most important book you have ever read - why

This week for book week l made a DLO on What is the most important book l have ever read and why. l picked Ghost because l love this book and because it is important to me. l wrote down why this book was important to me and why l like reading and more things. It has a title to say what it is and fake ghost on the side. The background is white and the text has the question and my text last it has a image of what the book looks like.