Thursday, 21 September 2017


Today for kiwisport we were doing short put the first thing we did was we played octopus then after octopus we talked about about we learned last week and after that we had to get into patterns me and angela worked togetter on short put we took turns with the green short ball l went first and then angela went after me then we got our green short put ball we borth did it at the sme time mine went far and angela's one went far to then we did that over and over and we keeped on talking about the things we learned and at the end of the listen we seat in down and had a rest then andy gave all of us lolly pops.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Kiwi Can

Today on Wednesday we went to Kiwi Can and Mr Malu and Miss Latoya weren't there. There was two new Kiwi Can teachers named Mr Latu and Mrs Pipiha. We did a greeting and went straight to our energiser. It was called 
So we had to get in a circle and Mr Latu would point at us and say one of the actions and we would have to do it.
After that we were having a little session about what challenges mean.
Then we played a game that was really intense. We had a hoop and three cones. We had to toss the hoop in the cones. There was one cone close to you - 10 points, second cone a little bit far - 20 points, the third one was really far - 50 points. It was a challenge for the whole school.
Then we did a GKQ - General Knowledge Questions


Today we were doing a scavenger Hunt we had to work in groups of three me Yesha and Milana worked together as a group we got a  piece of paper with the clue on it our clue was 15 - 10 that meant that we had to go to room five we ran they and they was a clue it was right for us we went to our next cule and it was wrong we went back to class and it was all wrong the first part of it was right put the other parts of it was wrong then we got on with our wrong after our  scavenger Hunt.

Recount planner (TREE)

  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Avalon Milana and c
  • Group of three
  • We had to solve the word.
  • Outside
  • Tuesday morning
  • Got a piece of paper with the clue on it.
  • Our clue was 15 - 10
  • The answer for that was 5
  • So we had to go to room 5
  • We ran to room 5
  • It was right
  • We got our first clue
  • We went to our next clue.
  • Went back to ls1
  • To check our answers
  • We got the answer wrong  

LI: To write a recount of an activity.

LI: To edit a recount of an activity.
Today for writing we were doing Recounts and what we had to do was we had to do a plan and a Recount on what we did on the Scavenger Hunt we had to talk about how we did it and how it worked what l learned from this was that Recounts are easy to write and plan's are easy two to write.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017


Complete this collaborative jigsaw to help you create a DLO that shows us who we are voting for.
Remember to attribute your images!

Bill English
Image result for bill english
Photo by Wikipedia/CC BY 3.0

Image result for national party logo
Image result for clutha southland electorate
Jacinda Ardern
Image result for jacinda ardern
Photo by /Wikipedia CC BY 3.0   
File:New Zealand Labour logo.svg
Photo by Wikipedia

Damian Light
Image result for Damian Light

Green Party
james shaw
Image result for james shaw

ACT New Zealand
David Seymour
Image result for ACT New Zealand

Party leader of New Zealand First
Winstone peter

Today for Inquiry we were learning how to vote and how we did that was we had to do our work and this is what we had to do we had to put down everthing and we had to put down the party and the leader pitcher logo and the Electorate some of them did not have Electorate so we did not but it on if it did not have one that is what we learned in Inquiry how l learned it was by knowing how to do this and what learned was how to vote and how party work.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Maths plan

LI: To create a piece of art using: rotation, translation, and reflection.
Today for maths we were doing art we had to work in our groups and we has to pick some Maori designs and some other pitcher's we had to go into our maths group and we had to find some pitcher's and then we had to pick a art work and we had to put it on our name because Mr O made this google doc and put all of our name's on it and then we had to put our pitcher that we picked and we had to put it on our name and then after we did that we had to go onto prodigy.

Fact vs opinion

LI: To learn the difference between fact and opinion.
Today for reading we were talking about fact and opinion fact is about when you talk about some think that is real and opinion is when you give your idea on something we had to do this fact and opinion on topic's that we wanted to do and l did slime,fidget cube,lego those are what l did for my topic's for each of them we had to say for one side fact we had to say 3 fact's and for the other side we had to write down 3 opinion's just like the other side.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Haiku Poem

Today for inquiry l was doing poem's and l wrote a Haiku Poem my one is about summer and what we had to do was we had to make a poem about anything how l learned it was by knowing what a poem is and what a Haiku Poem is what learned was that poem's are about anything you want them to be.