Thursday, 13 September 2018

Wero Vector Water Park

Today we went to Wero Vector Water Park. The first thing that we did was we hopped onto the bus and went to Wero Vector Water Park. Then when we got to the water park we waited for them to set up all of the equipment for us. We watched a video that should us the safety rules of the water park and all the things we would be doing and the things we need. We put on all of the gear which was a helmet, Swimming Suits, Life jacket, Shoes and paddles we all found it hard to put on some of our equipment but we all put it on. We got inside of our boats and practices on the water before we went on fast running water me and my group were having so much fun because it had big drops and we were all working as a team to go really fast. We had a lot of turns going around in circles it was fun because the water was going fast. Then some of us decided that we wanted to jump into the water so the Lifeguards told us we could jump into the water it was fun when l jumped in because l went down the big drops and we were floating around when we got to the end and we all tried to swim back put some of us we get pushed by the water put the Lifeguards helped us.

l would like to give a really big that Wero Vector Water Park and the team for letting us come and try out their water park. It was funny and we all enjoyed it. Thank you to all the Lifeguards for helping us and looking after us.

Kiwi Can

This week for Kiwi Can we were learning about Perseverance. First thing we did was we talked about this topic and how this could help us in the future or in school. l could use Perseverance when l am playing a sport for example if we are playing a game and l don't want to play it then l have to Perseverance this means to try harder and harder so we can have fun and work as a team. The next thing we did was go on the court and play a game that would show Perseverance and help us control our self when we play with other team mates. l enjoyed playing this game because some of us were getting mad even if the other team got a point put we all Perseverance and got on with the game.

Wednesday, 12 September 2018


This week for Maths we were answering some Addition question. Mr Wong Created a Challenge for Mrs Anderson maths group. What I needed to do first was make a copy and then answer the questions on the sheet.  We could use any strategies to solve this. I used algorithm and tidy numbers. 

Making Connections

This week for reading we did a Making Connections. How Making Connections work is that you read a book and then do text to text which is a text that you have read before. Then l did text to world something that is connected to me and the story. And last we have to do a reaction to the story we have to give our reaction to this story.

Bridge Design Evaluation

This week for the inquiry we designed a truss bridge that has been reinforced. We have used triangles on our bridge. Our bridge deck spans 29 cm in length and is 6 cm wide. We choose a truss bridge because the triangles would make the bridge stronger. We have used 185 toothpicks. We also used extra toothpicks, to make our bridge stronger. We used PVA glue and a glue gun. It cost 5$ to use the glue gun. Altogether the cost was $138.80c. The deck worked really well but the sides were bending. The bridge holds up to 1200g of rice. We got 8/10 for the way our bridge looked. The truck also went through the bridge and made it across. Next time l think we could work on adding more triangles and more toothpicks under our bridge to make it more stronger. We could have double layered all of our toothpicks.  We used rice to see if our bridge will hold or break. Our group placed 3rd overall. We think that we did great overall with our bridge design.

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Virtual Reality

This week for Inquiry we are learning about bridges. Today we worked with Yvonne from the Auckland University and her research team from Augmented lab at Auckland University. l first listened to what one of Yvonne team was talking about and then we all got a turn on the Virtual Reality. l was so excited to try out the Virtual Reality and build a bridge. The first activity that l did was l built a bridge all the things l needed to build a bridge were in front of me when l was on the Virtual Reality. After Morning tea we got pizza and garlic bread I would like to give a hudge thank you to Yvonne and her research team for helping us and creating this project. This was so fun my favorite part was the Virtual Reality cardboard. 

Wheel Words

This week for Reading Rotorua and Motuihe were on a site called wheel words. In this Learning Game we needed to found words that used the letter in the center. We had 10 minutes on Wheel words l found six four letter words and two five letter words. l think next time l should work on getting six letter words and seven letter words. l enjoyed playing this because it helped me find out some new words.