Monday, 30 October 2017


Today for commenting l commented on Ellenora's proidiy work for commenting.

Friday, 20 October 2017

Instruction video

Today how to add.what we had to do was make a video explaining how to solve a 2 didgt plus a two didgt.3 didgt -2 didgt.I gave some stargey to help them solve the qestion.I also gave some engoment and gave some exsplame to help them understand more.

Local Community

Today for inquiry we had to make a slide about our local Community and we had to put them in the right one's  middle,outer,inner we had to put the words in the right one what l learned was that how to do this and how easy it was to do how l learned this was by knowing what to do and adding the words in the right spot that they had to be in we had to work by our self on this we were learning about our local community and the people that we see everyday.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Research template



Source (link)
Nz waka names.
  • Tokomaru.
  • [9] waka came to NZ
Taonui, Rāwiri
NZ Iwi names.
  • Ngāti Tama.
NZ Wake names
waka names.
  • Tākitimu
  • Tainui
  • Te Arawa
  • Aotea
  • Tokomaru Horouta
  • Uruao
  • Ārai-te-uru
Rāwiri Taonu
NZ Wake name
Wake name
  • Kurahaupō.
Rāwiri Taonui
Today for Inquiry we had to do a Research template we had to do Research on iwi names and wake names we had to put in the link and the year it was made and we had to put down some names and the thing that we were going to do like first l would write NZ wake names because first l am doing wake name's first and on top of the research template was key words that is like when we had to put in a key word and on the top it also said information that is when we had to add some information in it and last was Source link for where we got the link from how l did this was by going on a website and finding the person that wrote the page and then writing that down and the year when they write it and the link for the website.

SSR self

Today for Daily 6 l did SSR self and l did it on the ghost book l talked about it and what l learned was that it is easy and how l did it was by knowing what to do and how to do it.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Kiwi Can

Today for kiwi can we first we spit up into groups l was in group 2 and then we got into our first energizer it was called All about me we had to get a paper each and then we had to right 3 or 4 things that we like and l rote l like going to the movies and going to the beach and going on air plane l did 3 things and then they would read them out and we had to guest who it was our catch phrase was  R E S P E C T Find out what it means to me and we were learning about RESPECT.

Recount planner

Panmure Bridge performed

Who came to the Panmure bridge performer's   Parents, All of the dance groups that people were in what I was thinking was that I was nervous,shy,scared,afraid
where it happened in the school hall when it was on thursday,wednesday night

First we all got into our costumes and the girls changed into their costumes in lS2 Single ladies and footloose girls and i see red girls got changed in LS2 next some of the girls had to go back and get changed into other clothes because they were in a another dance like kapa haka juniors and seniors

Then they came back in the other costume then they went on stage and started to do that one.
last of all we all went home we got changed and then we went home with our parents
the day was fun and we all were excited for the dance and what some of the dance’s that we did was whip and nae nae,Teach me how to dougie ,Single ladies,Party rock,Harlem shake footloose,l see red those were some of the dance’s that we did and they was kapa haka and at the end of the show we all went to go and get changed and then we went home.

Today for writing we had to write a recount on the performer's that panmure bridge did l had to write about what we did and l had to write about the start middle ending how l did it was by knowing what to do and what l learned was that it is easy to write a recount and it was easy to do it l talked about what l was thinking where it was what happened what we did first and what we did after that then and then last of all what we in the recount and l talked about the day and what we were exited about what a Revel is that when you tell someone something like when you are opening up a recount or a story.

Template for Rugby Healthy

To use a range of comprehension strategies to go deeper into a text
Today for reading we were talking about how we can be healthy and how we can get read for a game that we are about to play we had to work in groups of three so me sakina,Joel worked together we did a box each in the sidle they were 9 slide all to together in the sidle and what learned to do was to talk about healthy stuff and ask some questions how l did it was by know what to do.