Wednesday, 31 May 2017

SSR Self

This is my SSR Selfie I read the book Jim's Trumpet and I talked about what happen in the book and I talked about what Jim dose Jim the boy loves to play his trumpet he sets at the edge of the staircase and plays he's trumpet to the little people.

Story organiser Problem


Baby bear decide to walk around on the ice as Mummy bear was cahting some fish for dinner then he saw this long icy staircase he thought that it was a bad idear. Put he still went up the long icy staircase the staircase was really spiller and was really hard to walk on. As he was walking on the icy staircase he nearly spilled put he did not then he was at the top of the hill and as he walked up to look at the edge. The ice started to crack then when it cracked baby bear fill in to the lake and saw mummy bear when he was in the water.
LI: To write a narrative problem and solution. LI: To use I learned how to Story organiser and how to write a problem and we were writing about a baby bear and a mummy bear How I learned it was by knowing what is in a problem and what a problem.

Measurement Work

LI- To investigate unit of volume and capacity LI-Unit of Measurement for Length LI to use place value I learned how to Measure and how to use the place value house we had to use the map to find the km and to see what number it would come up with and then we would have to that number onto the place value house and work it out on the place value house they is a example.

White tailed spider

LI: to compare information across texts. LI: to identify key ideas I learned about what white tail spiders eat and how they find food and how they lay there eggs I don’t like spiders put this book was really interesting to read they are big and head in some bad places that you could get into How I learned this was bye using this template and reading the book this tells us about white tail spiders.
white tailed spider

Friday, 26 May 2017

Story organiser

LI: To write a narrative orientation.
LI: To use simple and compound sentences.
 I learned it by using Subject,object,verb those words helped me know what I was going to write about how I learned it was to keep on writing and to put everything in the right places.

Baby bear

Baby bear and Mummy bear were in the cavern. Mummy bear was wondering around in the cavern then they got out and went off to look for some food. They were walking around on the ice. And baby bear wonder off and did not know where he was. There was a hill and a lake. then as he started to move up to the hill Footsteps slowly creaked on every step that he took.

KWL chart

Ll: To ask questions and to answer
I learned it  by reading the book and the book that we read was white tail spider I learned it by answering the questions How I learned it was by knowing how to write down the right answers I had a great time doing this.

Lorax Letter

Dear Once-ler  
I am the Lorax. When the trees die then take out the seeds to reuse it and then you can get more trees to make your threads.I also think if you cut down the tree then you should plant it again because that is reducing the impact. I think you should recycle the trees, I think you should change by making things useful for people like houses,buildings for businesses and clothes for poor people by using all the materials you cut down.

I hope you make these changes Onceler,

The Lorax

LI: To write a letter to the Once-ler and to make him change and stop what he is doing.
I learned how to write a letter and to add the words Reuse,Recycle.Reduce Me and Angela added those words to our letter to the once-ler How I learned it was by telling the once-ler to not cut down the trees and to reuse the trees.

Thursday, 25 May 2017


LI-Units of Measurement for Length
I learned how to Measure things and how to use a rule we learned how to use a rule and to use a rule you have to make sure you put the 0 at the back and then but the whatever you're going to measure and put it where the one is then look at the end at where it stopped and say how much it Measures I learned it by knowing how to measure a box and how to put the rule into the right places like for example I would have a box and then I would get my rule and put it side ways then look at my rule and make the 0 go to the back and go on the one.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Raz kids

This is my Raz kids work I learned that kids around the world have things that we don't have and I learned what people do in Russia and younger people go throw some have no food and don't go school and how I learned this was by readind the book and learn about all around the world and friends around the world.

Recycling and Garbag

This is My Recycling and Garbag Work I Iearned about what is Garbag and how to recycling rubbish These are the games we played for how to recycling and how to put rubish in to the right bin how I learned it was to play these games and to teach myself where to put rubbish to and what bin to but in. 

Making Connections

LI: to make connections with a text
I learned how to Making Connections to myself and to a another text and to the world I thought this was great to learn about how to Make a Connections with books How I learned it was to ready the book and to make some Connections with text to text and text to self.

Text to self
Text to text
Text to world
  • I have been swimming
  • I have been on a boat
  • I have not seen a whale in the sea before
  • I can do big flips in a pool and beach.
  • I have a family.
  • I love my little brother’s
  • I have four brother’s and sister.

  • Wee whoppers family love’s him.
  • In the surprise dinner josh the brother love’s he’s mum so he makes her a surprise dinner for her birthday.
  • Wee whoppers family taught him how two div.
  • Josh made hat’s for the surprise dinner and he’s dad taught him how to make them.
  • I think that the world like people has been swimming in the beach like whopper wee whopper.
  • Wee whooper was going to come up out of the water but then he hit a boat.
  • I was under water and then I hit someone.

[Avalon] Show don't Tell

LI: to show what is happening in a scene.
LI: to write descriptively.
I learned how to show what is happening in this pitcher and How to tell what I see in the pitcher I know how to show what happen in the pitcher and tell with my eye’s what I can see I learned it by showing what is happening in this pitcher and tell what I can see with my eye’s.

The dragon has wings on it’s back.
The dragon is ting.
It is wrapped around the two fingers in the middle.
It is on top of the fingers.
It is dark green.
The dragon is breathing smoke.
The dragon is flowing to sleep.
It has line’s on it’s wings.
It tail is wrapped around the finger.
It has a small neck.
The dragon has long things on it’s head.
It’s sitting on the four finger.
It wrapped around the four finger’s.
Smoke was slowly going up in the air
As it came to sit down on the four fingers it’s wing’s were high.
It came out of the forest on to the four fingers.
The ting dragon’s eye’s were open and was looking around.
It drifted slowly onto the fingers and was wrapped around the fingers it tail was. wrapped around the fingers.
The smoke was drifting far into the sky and was white it was like a line going into the sky.

Friday, 12 May 2017


This is my work on studdyladder and I was working on Measure and place value it was fun and I learn about how to measure a table a chair and box I was answering some questions on studdyladder.

What is Waste

Screenshot 2017-05-12 at 11.19.24.png

Ll: To learn about the amount of waste we produce.
What we learned about is rubbish and what is waste the groups were  organic and recycled and solid those were the four groups we had two get into them were some rubbish in the middle of the hall and we had to put organic on one side and put recycled on one side and solid I learned it by doing an activity and we were talking about what was waste and how we can not waste our food and we can stop throwing away our food I learned that wasting is bad because it hurts the Environment we learn that waste is solid and waste is organ

Thursday, 11 May 2017

SSR Selfie

This is my SSR Selfie I was reading the book cool school I really enjoyed this book because it was about school and I go school and I learned how to do this by just reading a book and taking a photo with it and writing what it is about and put the title on.

Narrative plan

This is a Narrative plan I learned about what is in a Narrative and what dose a Narrative have  this is what is in one Title,Orientation,problem,Events,Solution, how I learned it by knowing what are those 5 words we did this plan as a group And the Narrative plan title is called Baby bear because we were taking about a baby bear and a mother bear.

This is a Narrative plan I learned about what is in a Narrative this is what is in one Title,Orientation,problem,Events,Solution, how I learned it by knowing what those 5 words were.

What Is Waste?

This is me and my groups work we were doing what is waste and we added photo to our poster and link's two where we got them from.

Prove it

LI: to identify punctuation marks.
I learned what proving work is and how to prove someone work and how I learned to do is it by reading these two book's that I read I read perfect paper planes and Worm work.

Friday, 5 May 2017

Raz kids

This is my Raz kids I read the book sweet potato challenge I really enjoyed this book it was about to kids and they were having a challenge on who can cook the best potato pie.

Place value house

This is my work on place value I learned about what place value house I learn it by doing it into a place value house this googole sidled has a example and a how it works and what is a place value house.

Word Web

Screenshot 2017-05-05 at 11.00.15.png

LI: To self monitor our understanding.
LI: To identify simple sentences.
We would gabe a word from the carrots top’s story and put it into to the middle box’s then we would gabe the meaning of the word and put that all around that word to write down a name that is from Carrot top and we were suppose to write write the meaning of the word that’s from the Carrot top

The Lorax

Screenshot 2017-05-05 at 09.17.54.png

To identify the responsibility, Causation and connection in the issue.I learn what Causation and Responsibility and change is in this book

Causation is something that goes wrong and Responsibility is when they do the right thing in this story change is when they change what they have done wrong I learn it by listening to what the story says and if he would change and what the Causation and Responsibility would be.

The Lorax

This is a blog post on The Lorax's  it is all about Causation,Responsibility and Change this is all about what is in the book  The Lorax it tells us what is the change and the Responsibility and the Causation.