Friday, 11 December 2015

Countries that celebrate christmas around the world.

This is my post on countries that celebrate Christmas around the world this was so fun I had fun doing it.

Monday, 7 December 2015

Class Vote on the New Zealand flags.

This is My post  on final flag vote and for the Silver fern There were 8 children That voted for the Silver fern and for the Original flag there were  15 so room 7 did not want to change the New Zealand.

Friday, 4 December 2015


This is my xtramaths that I was doing today I had doing it and I also got 6 wrong and I got 7 right I think I was good at it today.

Thursday, 3 December 2015


This is my Xtramths for to day I was going fast on it and then I got 9 right and I got 4 wrong I think I did good to day then before.

My Edited piece of writing by Avalon and Nazanin

My Edited Piece of Writing

On Saturday I was at my Papa's, Aunt’s and Uncle’s house getting ready for Halloween. When I saw my Papa  he was dressed up as  a spooky Zombie. I was so frightened when I saw my Papa.  I was dressed up as a purple bat. I was ready for Halloween. My Papa and I  were going around the houses asking for lollies.
When I went to the house it was very black and very spooky.  My Papa got scared. I told him don’t worry It's just a house  full of decorations. There  were  Spiderwebs, bats, witches decorations.  I knocked on the   door and out came a ghost  Man and a lady they  gave us sweets it was  yummy. I said to them next I want to go  down to  another house. It wasn't spooky at all.
The house only had spiders and a  black Witch’s  broom. I knocked on the door and out came a black witch.  The lady gave us some  chocolates and  candy.
When we stopped at Kings Road we saw my friend Zara and her Dad Babu. They were going trick or  treat  for yummy treats.  Me and my Papa were walking to Zara if we could  come with you to go  trick  or treat. They said yes then we stopped  to go down to  the cafe. We had  Hot Chocolate  and   Strawberry Cupcakes.  Then we went  down to Coates Crescent. To go to  other houses for trick or treat.   
When we saw another house that was even scarier.  I said happy trick treat  to them  and a Spider came out. The  Man gave us  some lollies  and Chocolates it was fun  at trick or treat. Then it was time to go home I said bye to my friend Zara and went home to eat all the goodies .   
Yesterday and today I have been working with Nazanin we had to read over a simple piece of writing.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015


This is my xtramaths for the day I got 9 right and I go 6 wrong I think I have done I great job on my xtramath.