Thursday, 13 September 2018

Wero Vector Water Park

Today we went to Wero Vector Water Park. The first thing that we did was we hopped onto the bus and went to Wero Vector Water Park. Then when we got to the water park we waited for them to set up all of the equipment for us. We watched a video that should us the safety rules of the water park and all the things we would be doing and the things we need. We put on all of the gear which was a helmet, Swimming Suits, Life jacket, Shoes and paddles we all found it hard to put on some of our equipment but we all put it on. We got inside of our boats and practices on the water before we went on fast running water me and my group were having so much fun because it had big drops and we were all working as a team to go really fast. We had a lot of turns going around in circles it was fun because the water was going fast. Then some of us decided that we wanted to jump into the water so the Lifeguards told us we could jump into the water it was fun when l jumped in because l went down the big drops and we were floating around when we got to the end and we all tried to swim back put some of us we get pushed by the water put the Lifeguards helped us.

l would like to give a really big that Wero Vector Water Park and the team for letting us come and try out their water park. It was funny and we all enjoyed it. Thank you to all the Lifeguards for helping us and looking after us.

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