Thursday, 10 August 2017

Emailing Earth

  1. (OO) Why are there gardens in the house?
a. Because they did to grow food.
  1. (RT) What kind of planet is it?
    1. The planet is Mars.
  2. (TS) Why is the house in the middle of nowhere?                  
  1.        Because the visual broke down.
  1. (AM) What is the point of the story?
  1.         I think the point of this story is that they are talking about the planet mars.
  1. (RT) Is that even a house?
    1. No, it is a space station.
  2. (TS) What happens in the story?
  1.        The email network broke down.
  1. (OO) Why are they on the planet?
  1.       Because the bubbles broke down and the email network.
  1. (OO)Why is the sky black?
  1.  I think because it is dark.

LI: To generate questions using the QAR strategy.
Today for reading we had to be in two's so we had to work together on this reading task our book was called Emailing Earth that meet they were in space they were on mars planet and what happens was the email network broke down and they could not get back we had to answer the question that the group came up with and then we had to say if it was a think and search or a right they question or a on my own or Another and me.

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