Tuesday, 8 August 2017

2 words 1 minute

My family is so cool and l like how we go to the movies and watch some of the movies we sit in the dark on our chairs and sit back and watch the movies we all enjoyed
watching the movie and eating our judge food when we were watching the movie we all had yum chocolate and even more yummy lollies and drinks they was a lot of judge food
and when we got out of the movies all of my siblings were so happy and after all the happiness we went to get some ice cream and ate it outside in the sunny day we enjoyed our ice cream.

Ll: To check that my writing makes sentence.
Today in writing we wrote with miss Anderson first what we had to do was we as a class picked to words and they were family and dog you had to pick one of those words and then write about them l wrote about family and we had to write in one minute and after we had to writing in 1 minute we had to check our work in 30 seconds then after 30 seconds we had to get into 3 groups and we all had to take turns being the teacher so first it was me and we had to tell those two people what they to words were and then sit the timer for 1 minute and then after they write for 1 minute you have to tell them to check they work for 30 seconds then when that 30 seconds is up they would be someone as being the teacher and they do the same thing again what l learned about was that you can write in 1 minute and it is easy.

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