Friday, 1 December 2017

Bean bag challenge

Today for writing we had to write five sentence and we had to make a slide show with the sentence that we made and the pitchers we could put in it like that or make a animate l made a animate because l could make it fast and because l did't have the pitchers that we took when we were doing the challenge my first sidle is when Mr Wong takes us outside and after that he takes to us about the rules and how to play the games when he was teaching us the rules he took us to a different space and we went to the junior part of the school where they was a park and a part where they was 4 hula hoops on the ground and we had to try and throw them in and see how many points we get if you throw it in the first one that means you get 2 points and if you throw it where it is inside and on the count side that means you messed it and it dosent count.

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