Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Story organiser

Story organiser

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Alice Jack and the tortoises

They was a little tortoise whose name was Alex he was small put as he was getting older he was getting bigger. Then when he was older he was big that means that he was big enough to go out into the wild. In the forest they came these little kids named Alice and Jack They were 9 and 10 the girl was 10 years old and the boy .Was 9 years old they loved to come into the forest it was wild and peace full.

Put the problem is that they could not find someone to play with when they were in the wild forest they were always .bored and always sad.

Then as they were walking around at night in the wild forest they heard something go ahhhhhh it was a big tortoise .They were screaming and then they stopped for a moment and then they looked up and saw a scar tortoise that was green and big. lt was friendly when they went up to it they thought .It was going to hurt them and they said that this was going to be they friend and they called it sebastian.

The solution was they became friends and was very happy that they find a friend called sebastian Alice and Jack looked .After him and they were happy forever because they find a friendly friend.
Today what we learned to do was a narrative we had to make a story on this pitcher that was of a  tortoise and of to kids which are a little girl and a little boy we had to write about the them and what I learned was that it is easy to write with the Story organiser.

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