Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Story organiser


Mummy bear saw that baby bear was going to fall off the hill he flew of the hill and was falling down. He was up in the air mummy bear called him and she said baby bear baby bear jump into my hands so I can catch you. Baby bear could not hear mummy bear baby bear was looking down to see what he was going to land on he was going to land on the smooth ice he landed on the ice and was so scared because he just flew of a hill then mummy bear was so happy that he made it down safe.
LI: To write a narrative sequence of events.

LI: To use complex sentences
We learned about was complex sentences in stories and we also talked about events what is a complex sentences is subject,object,verb put they all have to be like a complex sentences what it have in it is first you have to get a word like Subject and make sure that it has a capital letter at the front then you have to make sure that you have another sentence to go with that then it would make Subject is a word that has a capital letter How I learned it was by knowing what a complex sentence is and what it has in it and what a events has in it.

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