Friday, 16 December 2016

Saffron Finch

Saffron Finch

Text title: Saffron Finch
I think the main idea of this text is That the Saffron Finch Died about 11 years.
One example of a supporting detail is The Color of Saffron Finch is Yellow.
Another example of a supporting detail is Saffron Finch Turns Orange into Bright Yellow.
It is clear that the main idea is
Saffron has a diet it is Green Food,Seed Grains and other types of Diets that they eat.
This is my work on saffron finch what was hard for me was to write down I think one example and Another example what was easy for me was to write it was clear.

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  1. Hi Avalon,

    I really enjoyed reading your post about the Saffron Finch. I had no idea that the saffron eats primarily green foods. That's really interesting! I love learning new things about the world.

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